trick NOUN 1) a cunning or skilful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone. 2) a skilful act performed for entertainment. 3) an illusion: a trick of the light. 4) (before another noun ) intended to mystify or trick: a trick question. 5) a peculiar or characteristic habit or mannerism. 6) (in bridge, whist, etc.) a sequence of cards forming a single round of play.
VERB 1) deceive or outwit with cunning or skill. 2) (trick into/out of) deceive (someone) into doing or parting with.
do the trick — Cf. ↑do the trick
trick or treat — Cf. ↑trick or treat
tricks of the trade — Cf. ↑tricks of the trade
turn a trick — Cf. ↑turn a trick
up to one's (old) tricks — Cf. ↑up to one's tricks
DERIVATIVES tricker noun trickery noun.
ORIGIN Old French triche, from trichier 'deceive' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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